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Watch/DISCOVER (Prophecy Seminar) 16 of 24
DISCOVER (Prophecy Seminar) 16 OF 24
How to Face Death Unafraid & with Absolute Confidence
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The question of death has intrigued mankind since the dawn of time. Even though science has advanced so much, it still remains a mystery. Lets discover what the Bible really has to say about death.
DISCOVER is a powerful seminar that unlocks the meaning of the most important biblical prophecies by allowing the Bible to interpret itself. It will help you to understand much of the book of Revelation as never before, as well as other important topics.
David Asscherick is a sought after international speaker who became a Christian at the age of 24. When these series have been recorded, he was the director of ARISE institute (
Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is an international Christian television network that broadcasts in almost any country. Its generosity made available Discover Prophecy seminar to be watched free of charge.

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